Welcome to my blog!

As a communications/marketing professional for over 25 years, I have promoted hundreds of advanced technical and industrial products. I’ve strived to honestly and accurately present product features and benefits that demonstrate value for customers and create positive impressions in the media.

In this new phase of my life, I am thrilled to be able to dedicate much more time to communicating about my greatest passions, Jesus Christ and Catholicism.

The phrase, “true image” is derived from Veronica, which means true icon. St. Veronica lovingly wiped the bloody face of Jesus when He was on His way to Calvary. The image of His Holy Face was left on the cloth, or “veil of Veronica.”


In these times of confusion and misunderstanding about the Catholic Church, I hope and pray that like Veronica, I will be able to capture and share/promote Jesus’ true image in my corner of the world.

How? The plan is unfolding slowly. For the past three months, my thoughts, activities and spiritual life have evolved considerably. The pace of my life is more leisurely, yet filled with service work, social time with family and friends, prayer and ongoing learning.

I am about to begin a degree in Theology that will fortify the foundation of Catholic truth and beauty I have already embraced.

May the Lord bless you with His peace,


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